MThe Florida Grocers Association hopes before you take the next step regarding your 401(k) plan that you take this opportunity to have your 401(k) Plan reviewed by FRF Benefits endorsed Team of 401(k) Specialists.

In keeping with the FGA’s mission, FRF Benefits is pleased to announce the creation of the MEMBERS 401(k) Advantage plan, exclusively for FGA members, which allows you to control your 401(k) plan without being the named Fiduciary.

This table illustrates how easy this program is for you to use.

When your company adopts the MEMBERS 401(k) plan, it can:

  • Mitigate your personal Fiduciary Liability
  • Reduce and Control Plan and Fund Costs
  • Deliver "Best in Class" Institutional Fund Options
  • Reduce Administrative Burden

By adopting the MEMBERS 401(k) Advantage Program your Company will no longer be Responsible for the following:

  • Filing 5500
  • Fiduciary Insurance
  • ERISA Bond
  • Managing 401(k) Plan Calendar
  • Appointing and Managing Plan Fiduciaries
  • Appointing Service Providers
  • Benchmarking Annual Plan Fees
  • Compliance burden
  • 401(k) Administrative burden