DDo you have Voice Power in legislative affairs affecting your business?

We represent the grocery industry at the Florida State Capitol. The FGA was formed by an active group of grocers who wanted a voice before state government. 55 years later, the FGA still advocates for the best interests of our members before the state Legislature, Governor’s Office and state regulatory bodies. Each year, the Association’s government relations team blocks bills that would be detrimental to the retail industry. They also work to advance an agenda created by members. The FGA has a powerful, full-time presence before state government.

Important Retail Issues

Bad Debt
We support efforts that would allow sales tax remitted on private label credit card bad debts to be refunded in the same manner as the taxes refunded on bad debts resulting from revolving or installment sales credit transactions.
Plastic Bags
We support preempting any regulations on the use or sale of plastic bags to the State.
Sales Tax Holidays
Back to School; Energy-Star & Watersense- We encourage the Governor and Legislators to continue to fund Sales Tax Holidays. These holidays provide immediate tax relief to consumers on items of need and keep more money in the pockets of Florida families.
Pharmacy Supervision
We support clarifying the definition of supervision by a pharmacist to encourage efficient workflow while not hindering the safety of the customer or employee.
Commerce Clause Preemption
We support preempting all commerce, trade and labor issues to the state.
We will oppose any attempt to increase sales tax in Florida.