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FGA's partners at the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services has contracted with a local organization to help fund projects that support healthy food initiatives in Florida.
Grocery News
Fall Meeting
We hope that your business is recovering following Hurricane Irma. If your business was impacted, below are some resources provided by the State of Florida that can assist you and your business. As always, FGA staff remain available to assist in any we can, so please don't hesitate to contact us at 888.FL.RETAIL (888.357.3824):
Hurricane Recovery
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Dog Leash
Click here to download a free Service Animal Reference Guide poster to hang in your business so your employees know what questions they can & can’t ask of customers who may be accompanied by a service animal.
Service Animals
Fall Meeting
FFRF is proud to host our 2018 Retail Days at the Capitol, taking place February 5-6, at the Doubletree Tallahassee.
Legislative Agenda
As the 2017 Legislative Session comes to a close, three days later than expected, the Florida Retail Federation (FRF) is celebrating several major accomplishments for retailers including the passage of a reduction in the business rent tax and 3-day sales tax holidays for back to school and disaster preparedness.
On the retail front, channels are converging. What was once your traditional drug store may now be viewed as a convenience destination., .
The Checkout is the Florida Grocers Association's weekly newsletter that address current regulatory, education and legislative issues an opportunities that our industry faces.
Fall Meeting
Listeria is a harmful germ that can hide in many foods. Outbreaks of Listeria infections in the 1990s were primarily linked to deli meats and hot dogs. Now, Listeria outbreaks are often linked to dairy products and produce. Investigators have traced recent outbreaks to soft cheeses, celery, sprouts, cantaloupe, and ice cream.
The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) confirmed the presence of New World screwworm in Key deer from a wildlife refuge in Big Pine Key, Florida..
grocery Restaurant
Imagine going to the grocery store for dinner, not to pick up a rotisserie chicken to take home, but to actually eat at the store. As online grocery shopping grows, many supermarkets are adding sit-down restaurants in a move to attract more millennials. And it seems to be working.
Business Success
Meat Grinding
Food Saftey and Inspection Service - Protecting Public Health and Preventing Foodborne Illness
Monthly distribution dates for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program increase from 15 to 28 days starting April 1; FRF’s success in supporting this legislation will lead to expanded food selection for consumers, and better inventory control for retailers..
Regulatory Guide
FGA staff can answer your questions, and intervene on your behalf to help resolve issues with the agencies that license and inspect your business.
Impact Report
FGA and FRF are the only retail trade groups in the Sunshine State focused exclusively on helping retailers - large and small - to operate successfully.
Food Safety
Food safety education is a cornerstone of the FGA mission. We will compile helpful information on this page. You can click the feed icon to the page and all updates to this page will automatically show up in your reader..

Member Spotlight

For thirty years, G.O.T. Systems has provided independent grocers with technology solutions that enable them to reduce product cost, labor, and backstock levels. With G.O.T.’s Ordify™ system, pricing accuracy is monitored on an ongoing basis while scanning coordinator labor is reduced. G.O.T.’s grind log system provides retailers with a simple, low-cost and effective way to meet FSIS standards related to logging beef ground in-store.

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